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We hope that you came upon this online resource with the aim of learning more about how scammers are using business software applications and online cloud technology services to defraud businesses out of their hard-earned money. These criminals rely on the ignorance of computer users to fail to spot their methods, so the aim of this service is to educate people and keep them one step ahead. We will post the latest tricks and techniques as we find them to this site as well as through various social media channels shown above right. Please subscribe to us on your preferred platform to receive the latest updates.

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This service is run by a managed service provider based in Hertford, UK. We specialise in IT services for SME businesses and keep good security practices at the forefront of everything we do.

With cyber-crime ever evolving and the threat level forecast to rise further in the next decade, we provide this security digest, alerting on the latest cyber-fraud threats, for our clients as well as the wider business community.

We welcome interaction with other IT professionals to make this service as robust and complete as possible. Please get in touch with us directly on the channels below or post on our social media threads in the main menu above.